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School of Foreign Languages is preceded by Foreign Languages Teaching Department. The Department of Foreign Languages was established in 2001 and promoted to School of Foreign languages in 2004. The school consists of one language experiment center, three offices and six teaching groups, including School Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, the First College English Teaching Group, the Second College English Teaching Group, Bilingual Teaching and Research Group, English Major Teaching Group, Japanese and Russian Teaching Group and Postgraduate English Teaching Group. It offers full-time students of all degrees university-wide language courses in English, Japanese, and Russian.

With the guidance and support of the university administration, the school has put great efforts into faculty restructuring and recruiting. It has 108 full-time faculty members, of whom six are professors, 23 are assistant professors and 67 are lecturers. Seventy three of them hold master’s or doctor’s degrees and 22 have studied at abroad. And 28 teachers have attended the graduate program at some famous and influential universities, such as Beihang University. Two teachers have been awarded national simultaneous interpreters. In addition, three teachers from English-speaking countries are recruited all the year round.


The school has made achievements in research. In the past three years, about 23 research papers have been published by the faculty. Some of them have been undertaking two national projects, of which one is funded by the National Funds of Social Sciences. In addition, the faculty have participated in several loan programs provided by the Union, the World Bank and Asian Bank, investing in the major construction projects in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, hydraulic engineering and cultivation in the west of China and Loess Plateau. The teachers have also accomplished the tasks of translation and interpretation in many international meetings and made great contributions to the development of the country and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


The school offers an undergraduate program in English. Currently, there are 366 undergraduate students.

Aims and Requirements:

Our goal is to help students acquire an excellent command of language knowledge and application skills, as well as an in-depth mastery of the professional knowledge in English language and related disciplines. Our graduates are expected and have proved to be professional talents in translation/interpretation, teaching, business management, international communication and many other fields. They are required to be acquainted with the frontiers of the field and techniques of obtaining information and have the preliminary ability of research and great capabilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, especially in science and technology.
Main Courses:

The English major program offers the following main courses:

Intensive Reading, Advanced English, Selected Reading of Newspapers and Magazines, Appreciating Films, Spoken English, Listening, Extensive Reading, English Writing, Theories and Practice of Translation, Introduction to Linguistics, British and American Literature, British and American Culture, English for Science and Technology

Degree: Bachelor of Arts


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